At Integrity Design Studio, we take a disciplined approach to the INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN process to help ensure that our clients’ projects come in on time and on budget.



Getting to Know You, Your Needs & Wants & The Existing Jobsite

The initial Programming Phase involves an in-depth orientation session with you to assess current conditions, confirm your needs and wants, budget and timetable, and identify any other project considerations. Photographs and field measurements will be taken and we will discuss the possibility of procuring original blueprints/plans or the need to create new ones.

In the case of remodels, the second part of the Programming Phase is to create a 3D model of the existing space. Floor plans and elevations will be created as appropriate and/or necessary for construction documents.


Schematic Design

Preliminary Design Concepts & Inspirations for the Layout and the Look

Phase II begins the actual design process. Depending on the project, up to three preliminary design concepts will be drafted in the form of space plans showing walls, basic furnishings and cabinetry/fixtures.  There will also be discussions to help you define the overall look and style based on your input and any “inspiration” you provide. Elevations and 3D views will be provided as appropriate for review and understanding of each design.


Design Development

Working Through All of the Design Details to Turn Concepts Into Finished Spaces

Phase III is the refinement of the design concept and includes working through all of the design details of the cabinetry (door style, finish, doors/drawers, hardware and accessores), countertops, flooring, backsplash, tile layouts, architectural details, lighting, appliances, wall finishes, window treatments, and any other aspect of the design you want help with.


Contractors Bidding/Selection

Defining the Scope and Finding the Best People for You and Your Project

If you haven’t already chosen a contractor, this phase includes (A) creating a scope of work that can be used for bidding construction work, and (B) creating the documents necessary for permitting and construction (aka the “architecturals”).

The first step in starting any remodel is to figure out the full “Scope of Work.” At INTEGRITY Design Studio, we can work closely with you to identify, prioritize and document every aspect of the remodel project (with an optional wish list of extras), making sure you don’t forget about the electrical, the HVAC, security systems, hardware requirements, even who will handle getting the permits. (See Scope of Work Checklist in our Resources section).

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Project Management

Coordinating All Aspects of the Job Through to the Final Clean Up

Once the job has been scoped out, the selections have been made, and the contractor has been awarded the job, someone needs to manage the project. That may be something you have a passion for, or not.

If not, we can manage the project for you — working with the general contractor and other trades to ensure that everything stays on schedule, that those inevitable and frequent questions are quickly addressed, that conflicts are minimized and resolved, and that the final outcome is true to the design intent and exceeds your expectations.