Q:  What types of projects do you do?
A:  We do both residential and commercial remodels and makeovers. We can provide all design work and documentation for permitting, connect you with contractors and tradespeople, and when needed, coordinate with architects and structural engineers for specialized services.

Q:  Where do you work?
A:  We are based in Westlake Village, California near the Los Angeles County/Ventura County border and our primary service area is the Greater Los Angeles area.  We have also assisted in projects in Boulder, Colorado and Jupiter, Florida, and are willing to consider a virtual relationship when it makes sense.

Q: Do you have contractors and other tradespeople on your team?
A:  We can recommend a number of contractors with whom we have the highest degree of confidence and respect.    We always encourage our clients to have more than one contractor bid on their project, and we prefer that the clients make the final selection.  We are also happy to work with contractors who already have a working relationship with our clients.

Q:  Are you a decorator?
A:  Our core competencies are based around all aspects of remodeling including layout of the space (walls, windows, cabinets, furniture), cabinetry detailing, finish material selection (paint/wallcovering, cabinetry style/finish, countertops, flooring, and tile and stone selections), architectural details including doors, windows and custom millwork, lighting, ceiling details, design documentation (plans, elevations, fixture schedules, electrical plans), and project management.  We can also assist with window treatment design, selection and procurement as well as small scale furnishings.  If a decorator is really what you need, we have several great ones we can recommend.

Q:  How do you charge for your work?
A:  We primarily work on an hourly fee basis rather than a flat project fee unless we have a prior relationship with the client and can adequately estimate how much time is needed to get the job done.  Our basic fee structure can be found here.

Q:  How big does my project need to be to work with you?
A:  All of our services are available “ala carte” so if you just need help picking paint colors, or you want to consult with someone on how to get started with planning and managing your own remodel, we’re happy to help you with that.

Q:  How much should I expect a remodel to cost?
A:  In our tools section, we have provided a link to an independent report on Cost vs. Value for various types of remodels in different regions around the United States.  The cost of a remodel can vary greatly depending on your selections for cabinetry, flooring, fixtures, appliances, lighting and finish materials as well as whether you’re moving any walls or major plumbing/electrical/mechanical systems.

Q:  Should I pull a permit?
A:  We highly recommend pulling permits for most remodel projects unless it is purely cosmetic (it rarely is).   The permit and subsequent inspection process is designed to protect the homeowner by ensuring that all aspects of the project (framing, plumbing, electrical, mechanical) are performed up to the codes that are in place to protect your safety and well-being.  You should also always use licensed contractors and check their license with the contractor’s state license board (in California, go to cslb.org) before signing any contracts.

Q:  What should I do before I meet with you for the first time?
A:  You don’t need to do anything before you meet with us for the first time, but it can be helpful (and fun) to start looking for inspiration images that define your likes/dislikes and how you would like the space to feel.  One of the best sources out there is Houzz.com.  You can also check out the Getting Started Action Plan on our Resources page for other early planning tips.